Man of the Month Club: MAY by Ann Omasta


Poppy is the most annoying woman Cooper has ever met, so why can’t he stop thinking about her?

When Poppy Pendleton swoops in and steals Cooper Bridgerton’s parking space just before May’s Man of the Month Club meeting, it’s obvious these two are destined to be enemies.

For the second month in a row, Poppy is selected as the most compatible woman by the popular matchmaking application.

May’s bachelor, Cooper, and the other ladies are convinced it must be a glitch in the technology.

Outspoken, obnoxious Poppy can’t possibly be the best match for dashing, swoon-worthy Cooper. Can she?

Will Poppy and Cooper be able to shift their contentious relationship from enemies to lovers? Either way, sparks are sure to fly! Read their story in Man of the Month Club: MAY.

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