Man of the Month Club: MARCH by Callie Love & Ann Omasta


Beautiful Ruby Beckham has a stalker. Tough cop, Patrick McDonnell, is the perfect man to protect her. But what if the man charged with her safety is the person she needs to be saved from?

It’s not just my imagination. Someone is watching me.

He knows where I go and what I’m wearing. Sometimes, it feels like he knows everything about me. I guess I have my very own demented version of Santa Claus. Lucky me.

Patrick McDonnell is a gruff, no-nonsense police officer. He’s the ideal man to keep me safe and teach me how to protect myself from this psychopath.

But what if big, strong Patrick is actually the one I need to be rescued from?

Is Patrick too good to be true? Is protecting Ruby just an excuse to learn more about her? Is her heroic cop also her stalker? Find out the truth in Man of the Month Club: MARCH.

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