Man of the Month Club: JULY by Ann Omasta and Callie Love


Charity and Garrett have been drawn to each other since they met in elementary school, but life keeps tearing them apart. They are each nursing a severely broken heart caused by the other. Will they have the strength to try one more time?

Charity Strong was crushed that her long-time boyfriend, Garrett, broke up with her when she had to change high schools.

Despite trying to move on, Garrett Flynn was never able to get lovely, sweet Charity out of his mind or heart.

When their second chance rolled around in college, poor timing meant they ended up hurting each other again. This time, life-altering decisions were made that placed a permanent wedge between them.

When Charity and Garrett are offered a third chance at love, will they be able to make it work, or has their bond been damaged beyond repair? Find out when you read Man of the Month Club: JULY.

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Contemporary Romance

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