Man of the Month Club: JANUARY by Ann Omasta & Callie Love



Ever since the fire, I’m perfectly content to stay home alone. However, my bestie refuses to let me become a hermit.

I finally agree to a night out with her only to discover she has tricked me. It’s not a book club. It’s a matchmaking meeting.

I know everyone is staring at the burn scars that snake up the side of my neck and face. There’s no makeup that can transform this ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

I try to hide behind my hair and wait for it all to end.

All of the ladies are clamoring for tall and sexy Jett’s attention, yet he only has eyes for me. How is it possible that this physically perfect man sees past my scars to the real me?


I’m drawn to Maggie even before we’re officially matched. Something in her quiet strength speaks to me.

Sure, I see her scars, but I have some of my own. Mine just happen to be hidden deep inside.

I don’t need a matchmaker to tell me that Maggie is my soulmate. I feel it every time I look at her.

The chemistry between us is explosive, and I’m ready to seal the deal.

Now all I have to do is convince my lady that we belong together forever.

Will Maggie and Jett help each other heal or are some wounds beyond repair?

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