Man of the Month Club: FEBRUARY by Callie Love & Ann Omasta


Chelle is a fun-loving, ambitious local news correspondent.
Aidan is an uptight and serious state senator.
The two are extreme opposites, yet they keep being thrown together.

Of course, my normally-trusty purple Jeep decides to break down the one time I’m parked in front of a sex toy shop.

My humiliation escalates when the man who stops to offer assistance is the one and only, boring and respectable, Senator Aidan Roberts.

When footage of our parking lot visit at the local sex store goes viral online, we’re only left with one viable option to save both of our careers––start a fake dating relationship.

Will Chelle and Aidan be able to spend time together and avoid catching feelings for each other? Find out now in Man of the Month Club: FEBRUARY.

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