Man of the Month Club: DECEMBER by Ann Omasta and Callie Love


Phoebe Pike is the mastermind behind the wildly successful Man of the Month Club matchmaking application. She has spent an entire year pairing other couples and helping them find true love. When it’s finally her turn, will she have the strength to tell the truth?

Smart, talented Phoebe has the makings of a huge hit on her hands with the popular matchmaking application she single-handedly developed.

She has been beta testing and tweaking the app all year with a small focus group in Indianapolis, and it seems like the app is almost ready to go live to a wider audience.

When she announces herself as the match for Asher Fox, December’s bachelor, the other ladies in the group are delighted for Phoebe. The hardworking woman, who has helped so many other couples, deserves to find the man of her dreams.

But the application’s final pairing of the year is a lie.

Phoebe and Asher have undeniable, sizzling chemistry together, but she isn’t his true match. If Phoebe somehow finds the strength to admit the truth, will it ruin everything? Find out when you read Man of the Month Club: DECEMBER.

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