Man of the Month Club: APRIL by Callie Love


April arrives and the highly regarded Man of the Month Club matchmaking application makes its first mismatch. Or does it? When an April Fools’ prank goes too far, hearts are at stake in this devilishly fun game of scandals and schemes.

Ben Bridgerton has recently grown to hate his surname. As soon as women hear it, their eyes light up and turn dreamy as they talk endlessly about a historical romance show he’s never seen.

Based solely on his last name, the fairer sex expects him to be as charming and irresistible as a dashing duke or ravishing rake. It’s a nearly impossible standard to achieve.

When Ben is matched with bold, outspoken, and abrasive Poppy at April’s Man of the Month Club meeting, he is certain the pairing must be a mistake. He’s much more attracted to Poppy’s demure, innocent, and sweet friend, Daphne.

Wide-eyed Daphne has lived an extremely sheltered life––growing up in a remote cabin with only her heartbroken father to keep her company. She makes Ben want to protect her and be the kind of man she deserves.

Will Daphne’s newfound obsession with watching Bridgerton be the key to finding everlasting happiness with Ben? Will Ben be the right man to make Daphne swoon with desire? Find out in Man of the Month Club: APRIL.

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