Man of the Moment by Thea Dawson


Rent-a-Date for the Desperate?
Fine. Sign me up.

What do you do when you’re a geeky grad student who needs a date for her parents’ black-tie party?

Genius that I am, I figure renting a boyfriend is the perfect solution. No “Oh, poor Annabelle” looks from my family if I show up dateless. No bringing a guy friend and wondering if he’ll embarrass me by hitting on one of my gorgeous sisters.

I look good for the evening with a beautiful man on my arm.
Archer gets paid.
It’s the perfect plan.

… At least, it was until my mother invited us both on vacation.

Now we’re sharing a room.
And a bed.
And this fake relationship is starting to feel pretty darn real.

But guys like Archer don’t fall for girls like me.
My gut tells me this is all a little too good to be true.
Am I smart enough not to fall for him?

Or will my heart and my hormones ruin everything?

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