Man of Matrimony by Thea Dawson


It’s illegal … But only if you get caught.

Brianna Winter.
Aggravatingly organized. Perpetually prim.
Stuck-up. Straitlaced.
Sex on a stick with a candy coating of complete indifference.

My wife.

I thought it would be easy—I can spend a year married to the uptight Miss Winter if it means getting a green card and staying in sunny California for the rest of my life.

But one kiss changes everything.

Now the memory of that kiss plays out over and over in my mind, and while I want to believe it’s just lust, I’m beginning to think it might be something more. Living at close quarters with that toned body, that perfect skin, and that brilliant mind, I’m slowly going insane. But it doesn’t matter, because she shows no sign that she feels even the slightest bit of heat between us.

I may not survive my marriage long enough to get divorced.

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