Mack by Heather Young-Nichols


Several years ago, Mack and I shared a kiss.
He’s acted like he barely knows me ever since.
Now I’m on tour with Pushing Daisies thanks to my best friend Daisy and there’s nowhere for Mack to hide.
I’m here and I’m ready to figure things out that it won’t be weird when I’m with his family anymore.
Even if that means I leave this tour with a broken heart.

I spent a lot of time just trying to keep my siblings in line.
Then my sister goes and invites her best friend and my entire life is turned on end.
I pushed her away because she’s too young but we’d shared a kiss that I can’t forget.
Now she’s here and looks up at me with those big eyes… She could ask me for anything and I’d do it. Except to be with her.
Bri is everywhere and I can’t avoid her.
I don’t think I’m strong enough to resist her anymore.

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