Lucky’s Charm by G.L. Tomas


Kit “Lucky” Parrish left his small town of Wheelwright, Kentucky a golden boy and returned a seasoned soldier. With a plan to get his life back on track, the former playboy intends to make amends for his past reputation.

Rebecca “Beck” Dobson thought she had everything figured out. Healing from her traumatic past hasn’t been easy, but with supportive friends, she’s made her own way. After an unavoidable encounter resurfaces her trauma, an unlikely hero comes to her aid.

Beck shouldn’t trust Lucky. He was everything they taught her to avoid in men. But when the flirtatious cowboy offers his help with some much-needed house repairs, undeniable chemistry develops between them, clouding her common sense.

Lucky will risk it all just for a chance to prove he’s a changed man, but the object of his affection has every intention of making him earn it.

With everything on the line, will Beck be able to resist Lucky’s charm?

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