Lucas’s Prey by Sandra R Neeley


Lucas is a Kodiak Bear shifter, and the last member of Riley’s Pride left without a mate. He spent the majority of his life thinking he didn’t want one. But then he watched all his family and friends finding and claiming theirs, starting families and basking in the love and peace having a mate can provide. He thought for a while that he might be able to claim Libby, but she ultimately belonged to another. When she was claimed, he went back to being alone — and he didn’t like it. Luckily for him, his true mate had already found him. Now if she’d just make herself known instead of stalking him, he could make her his and they could start their lives together.

Anahla is Djinn by birth, Efreet to be exact, complete with flames flowing through her blood — oh, and Dragon, too. But since the Efreet and Dragons intentionally avoid one another, she’s basically an anomaly. Neither side wants her, but neither side is brave enough to extinguish her, either. Fleeing from her Djinn family, she happens to stumble across her deepest desire – her mate. A mate means belonging, home, safety, and most of all acceptance. Though instead of making herself known, she remains in the background, keeping to the shadows as she watches him, stalking him. Of course she wants him, he’s her mate. But the fact that she believes he already has kids and a female is enough to make her rethink her position. Besides, with the personal struggle and secrets she carries, he’d likely reject her anyway.

Lucas and Anahla have both been longing for their mate. They crave the bond that finding their mate will bring. They want a home, family, love, and acceptance. Unfortunately, circumstances lead each to believe it’s just not possible. But fate has other ideas in mind; a threat to the Pride forces Anahla and who she truly is out into the open. The situation leaves no room for thought, without her, someone could die. Now that she’s revealed her true self, will she be accepted, or will she and Lucas both have to resign themselves to a lifetime of loneliness?

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