Loving The Cowboy by Theresa Thompson


He’s a lonely horse trainer with a broken heart. She’s an old flame looking for forgiveness. Can Houston Montgomery give her the closure she needs when she’s still the one he wants?

When Houston Montgomery calls the town vet, Violet Bradley is the last person he expects to walk through his door. After eight years together, she left abruptly one morning and never looked back. Ten years later, he’s still in love with her, and she has returned to Cedar Falls, seeking forgiveness. But why?

Violet Montgomery is engaged to be married, but first, she needs closure on her past. So she heads home to face Houston Montgomery and tell him the truth about why she left. But the moment she walks into his barn and back into his life, all her old feelings resurface.

Soon, they both come to realize the spark they once had is still strong. But when Violet’s fiancé surprises her with a trip to Cedar Falls, Houston discovers the real reasons for her return.

Devastated and angry, Houston’s hope of reconciling fades. Will Violet get the closure she came for and say goodbye to Houston once and for all? Or will she come to find that sometimes the past is still your future?

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