Love’s Mulligan by CA Miconi


What happens in the city of sin, stays in the city of sin. Or does it? Find out in this second chance, surprise
wedding, interracial love story!

Kellie: As the event coordinator for a Vegas hotel, I’m in charge of planning a celebrity wedding meant to showcase our venue as the ultimate dream destination in the marriage capital of the world. The bride is an up-and-coming swimsuit model, and the groom is Harrison Hayes, the golden guy of golf. There’s just one problem: Harrison and I have history. We were high school sweethearts and my dad was his mentor and coach. When it became clear Harrison had a bright future in the sport, he left me and our small town behind. Now I have no choice but to set my conflicted feelings aside, because if this wedding doesn’t go off without a hitch, my career in hospitality management is over.

Harrison: When my publicity team tells me I need to get married to improve my image, they hand me a plan for a highly-publicized Vegas wedding, complete with a bride of their choosing. There’s just one problem: the venue’s event coordinator is the one who should be standing next to me at the altar. Even though it would please tour sponsors and land me lucrative endorsement deals, I can’t go through with a sham wedding. Unfortunately, Kellie’s job is on the line, and I’m not going to let her down a second time. Can I convince the only girl I’ve ever loved to stand in as the bride for appearances’ sake? And more importantly, after the publicity photos are taken, will I be able to prove to her that my love is real?

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