Love’s Lyric by Sophie Masters


Kimmy doesn’t do relationships. She hasn’t since her college boyfriend broke her heart freshman year. Almost a decade later, the longest relationship she’s had was a weeklong vacation fling with a friend during their lacrosse tournament. Kimmy has very specific rules about the men in her life: she doesn’t “date” anyone from her town; she doesn’t spend the night; and no one comes to her place. Oh, and she only “dates” athletes, specifically lacrosse players.

Kimmy’s best friend and roommate, Bailey, used to live by similar rules until a tattoo-covered, dirty-talking MC Road Captain changed her mind about commitment. Now Kimmy and Bailey are spending Valentine’s weekend in San Diego with Tucker and his MC friends, or brothers, whatever they’re called. Kimmy knows nothing about MC life.

Tucker’s MC is providing security at a fundraiser concert benefiting the local children’s hospital. The same hospital that saved Kimmy’s life as an infant when she needed pediatric open-heart surgery. There was no way she could turn down the invitation to attend. When the lead singer of the 80s cover band is a no-show, Bailey tells the guitarist that Kimmy used to sing in a cover band in college and may be willing to help.

Kimmy hasn’t stepped foot on stage in over five years, but how can she say no when this fundraiser is specifically for the cardiac wing. She gathers her nerves, downs a cocktail, and heads for the stage with the setlist in hand. As soon as her eyes lock on the guitarist during their duet, she knows she’s in trouble. Mr. long hair, guitar player, with the swoony voice just might make her change her mind about things like spending the night, seeing each other again, and commitment.

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