Loved by a Vampire by Sophie Slade



After Raif and Selestra took revenge on my family, we had no choice but to send our children away with Raven, a dear friend and the most powerful of all witches. Leila and I knew this day would come, but we never expected it would be so soon. With a cloaking spell over our children, at least they are safe to finish their training.

As a witch-vampire hybrid, Leila is training with the local witches, but she’s not the same. The separation from our children is taking a toll on our marriage. But I know that Leila and I will find our way back to each other.

But with all the damage that Raif and Selestra have done to our family, it’s not enough for Raif. To destroy me, Raif wants to claim Leila as his own… but we won’t let that happen. For Raif has no idea what it is to be loved by a vampire. When a vampire loves, it’s nothing short of euphoric. But when he hates, it’s with a white-hot vengeance, something Raif will soon discover.

Now, Leila and I are looking for them, and all hell will break loose when we find them, unless they find us first. Then the day of judgment will come… either for them or for us.

Triggers: Mentions of previous cheating, but no cheating is in this book, steamy sex, vampires, blood, 18+
NOTE: This book is complete and the last in the series. Loved by a Vampire finishes Lance and Leila’s story.

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