Love, Nashville by Tracy Broemmer


On the last leg of a soul-searching journey, Leah Hague needs one more night to wallow in grief before she heads back home to her life in Adam’s Bay, Illinois. Hoping for a dark, seedy tavern where she can nurse a glass or two of whiskey—no questions asked—she walks into a Nashville bar called Left Fork and meets the love of her life. Or so Trace Dixon wants her to believe. Despite Leah’s opening words to his sexy greeting—not gonna sleep with you, Nashville—Trace Dixon doesn’t give up. In fact, Trace is tired of the music scene, the groupies, and the empty relationships. Leah Hague is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, and the fact that she’s not interested only intrigues him all the more. Determined to get to know her, even after Leah is gone and headed home to Illinois, Trace pursues Leah through texts and phone calls. Though he wants more, he is happy with the easy-going friendship that grows between them. Still, when Leah tells him in an innocent text that she’s going to dinner with someone she once dated, Trace packs his bags and heads north. Leah maintains her original stance; she fights her physical attraction to Trace. But what if her heart rules, and she falls in love with him anyway? Is there a future for a Mid-western girl with deep family ties and a thriving business and a famous songwriter who uproots himself from Music City and moves to Illinois? Or will Trace one day resent the sacrifices he says he doesn’t mind making in order to be closer to Leah?

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