Love Me Not by Amy Stephens


When Tori Champion lost her husband Kyle in a deadly fire one week before their five year wedding anniversary, she knew she could never love another man the way she loved Kyle. As far as she was concerned, she’d live the rest of her life alone.

The next couple years seem to pass in a blur and Tori suddenly finds herself second guessing things. Maybe it’s time she ventured out and made a few friends.

But how does someone like her make friends when she’s kept to herself for so long?

Watching his best friend perish in a fire was the hardest thing David Lubbock has ever had to endure. But seeing Kyle’s wife, Tori, so emotionally distraught days, months, and even years following the deadly accident, is even more difficult.

When David stumbles across Tori’s profile on a dating website, he can’t help but wonder if she could ever see him as more than her late husband’s best friend. Is it even a possibility?

When secrets turn into something more and Tori finds out the person behind the computer screen is someone she knows—someone that’s been there for her all along—she runs to the only place she’s ever been able to find solace—her former in-law’s cottage along the Sunshine Coast of the Sechelt Inlet in British Columbia, Canada.

Will Tori find happiness again or will she give up on love altogether?

Love me? Love me not…

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