Love me, Maddie Mendoza by Amy Oliveira


“I wanted to chant her name and make an altar. I wanted to pray in her church every day.”
Every ball player wants to come to Statham University, but I’m the only King.
Basketball was it for me, but the dream died when I busted my knee. Now all I have is my best friend; a five-foot nothing crochet obsessed madding woman who won’t let me live in the past of my glorious days.Maddie Mendoza knows she has me in the palm of her tiny hand. No one would dare to touch King’s best friend. I thought our relationship was on safe grounds until we kissed during a dare.
Now, everything has changed. I’m not stupid enough to jeopardize the only good thing going on for me.
Not even if her body is the only thing I can think about.
When her skin is all I want to taste.
Everyone says a man and a woman can’t be best friends without falling into bed.
We aren’t here to prove them wrong.

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