Love in Devastation by Blaire Conley


When your head tells you to stay away, should you follow your heart? Or is your heart about to lead you straight into trouble?

Arrogant, cocky, and smoking hot, Duncan is a man Valerie knows better than to get involved with. But there’s something irresistible about this leather-clad biker, something charming beneath his determination to have her…

Duncan is known for his steady stream of ladies, his commitment to no-strings-attached flings… But there’s something different about this dark-haired waitress, and Valerie remains in his head — and his heart — long after their first wild encounter.

Why can’t he get her out of his head… and why does he feel compelled to help her?

Valerie’s life has been beset by tragedy, and she’s living under a dark cloud and a menacing threat. As soon as Duncan discovers what’s going on beneath the surface, he understands why Valerie warned her to leave him alone… Yet leaving her alone is the last thing he wants to do… No matter how dangerous it gets.

Can Duncan stand up to the menacing boss of the rival club, or will doing so be his downfall? Can he protect the beauty who’s captured his heart, or will fighting for her put them both in danger?

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