Love in a Perfect Universe by Lorraine Margaret


The universe shifts.

A boy meets a girl.

And everything they thought they knew about life and love changes in a heartbeat…

Once upon a time in the big city…

When Lani meets Jacob it is love at first sight just as she expected. She always knew this man was her soulmate, the only question was – when would they meet?

Acclaimed movie star Jacob Benedict enjoys a glittering career, but his soul is haunted, his life an empty lie. Away from the spotlight, he yearns for the profound love that has always passed him by. When Jacob’s eyes meet Lani’s, their worlds are changed forever. For the first time in their lives, the universe is perfectly aligned.

There is only one minor complication in this state of bliss…

When Jacob tells Lani his secret, he is shocked to learn she already knows. Vowing to disregard the past, they focus on their future, whatever it might bring. As they set out to discover what their relationship will be, they create a magical new world of infinite possibilities, challenging each other’s perceptions of what life and love can mean.

Blessed with a love decreed by a perfect universe, Jacob questions everything he thought he knew, but there is only one thought in Lani’s mind…

Can dreams really come true? Or is their fairy tale destined to have an unhappy ever after?

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