Love Envy by Ayana Larsen


The death of his beloved father nearly left Trevor Hoffman paralyzed. But now it’s up to Trevor, a reformed bad boy, to take care of the family business.

The most important lesson his father ever taught him. Nothing in the universe matters if you don’t have love.

His brother Trey has harbored sharp resentment for him since they were children. Trevor, the “golden child,” seemed to have nothing denied to him; especially when it came to women.

Not this time.

Trey will finally get the girl.

The woman.

Zara King.

When the prestigious, stunning Fashion Director graces a fundraising event at a New York gala, she accidentally meets Trevor.

At a glance, the instant pair could style a money magazine cover.

Who was this beauty?

Trevor was soon to find out…but so was Trey.

Two brothers.

One woman.

Who will Zara choose?

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