Losing My Inhibitions by Olivia Spring


He’s hot, single and off limits. She’s just got her life together after a messy divorce. Should she risk it all for a forbidden office fling?

A year after Roxy left her controlling ex, her divorce is finally official. She’s got her confidence and career back on track and is ready to start enjoying some no-strings-attached fun.

But just when Roxy thinks she has her dating plan all mapped out, a hot younger man unexpectedly appears. At first Finn seems like exactly what Roxy’s been looking for. Until she discovers that he’s her boss’ son and is strictly off limits.

Getting involved with Finn will put Roxy’s career, home and everything she’s worked for in extreme jeopardy. There’s a million reasons why she shouldn’t give in to his charms. The trouble is, he’s just too tempting…

Will Roxy take a chance and risk it all to pursue a forbidden workplace fling? And if she does, can she find a way to let Finn rock her world, without turning it upside down?

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