Lone Wolf’s Attack by Bobbie Jo Hart


Werewolves are anything but a fairytale for Melanie Lopez. Men with wolves in them are as vicious and rabid as they come, for only wild animals can truly tame their beasts. Women who carry wolves get ripped up from the inside out, unable to shift and sentenced to a painful death.

Mel’s mother is on her deathbed, fighting back her wolf as it tries to claim her. The same thing will happen to Mel. She can already feel her wolf getting stronger. So she sets out on the hunt for a miracle cure, plus a bonus—the head of her mother’s rapist. He told her to send his son to the Wolf Point Academy. Here, men—and only men—learn to control their wolves. Women are never welcome.

Until Mel forces her way in.

The customs are barbaric, the men even more so, and the treatment is hellish. The clock is ticking for her dying mother, but so is Mel’s anger. These men are set on taming her. If that fails, they’ll kill her without hesitation. Most of them are rich, muscular, brooding men with feral wolves prowling inside of them. Quite frankly, they’re all assholes. Not to mention the only slightly trustworthy professor, Dr. Aspens.

Every girl’s dream if she has daddy issues.

These men could be her and her mother’s salvation… or her doom at this Academy. Besides, Mel doesn’t have time for love or lust.

This lone wolf is on the attack and nothing will get in her way.

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