Lion’s Den by Lilly Wilder


Two alpha lion shifters want to claim my innocence.

Two rival lion mafia gangs rule my city.
After witnessing a murder, I find myself on their hit list.
Only a lion shifter can protect me.

To my surprise, I have two takers.
Nelson, a hot, brooding undercover cop.
And Troy, a gangster who wants to go legit.

But the mafia doesn’t do anything for free.
In return for their protection, they want me for mating.
Two sizzling alpha lions want to share me!

I’ve never been with a human man.
Let alone a lion shifter.

Entering this menage is insanity.
Yet their smoldering eyes tempt me.
And their tantalizing kisses melt my resistance.

I want to run my fingers down their muscled chests.
Explore every inch …

Maybe letting them drive me to ecstasy is exactly what I need.

If I enter the lion’s den, will I come out alive?

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