Lily’s Dragon by Sandra R Neeley


Lily’s lived a unique existence — over and over again. Cursed to relive a painful existence as punishment her father warranted when she was first born to him, she’s always been lonely, never been accepted. Until now. But having found the acceptance she craves, she still longs for someone to share her life with. The problem with that, is she can’t find him without the answers an ancient she now calls ‘uncle’ won’t share with her. Giving up hope and done with begging, lies and deception, she leaves all she knows behind to strike out on her own, to forge a path not rooted to a past kept hidden from her.

Carrik has spent countless centuries standing in a clearing in the swamps of Louisiana. Most see him and think he’s an amazing tree. He’s not a tree. He’s a Dragon. Caught in the crossfires of punishment dealt to his mate’s father lifetimes ago, he’s cursed to stand for eternity or until his mate recognizes and claims him — whichever comes first. He’s seen her over the years, different faces, different names, but always the same soul. The problem is that she has no memory of him, and those that do aren’t willing to share their secrets. So, he stands, having lost all hope, deriving a way to wreak vengeance on those who stole his life and love from him.

A few misspoken words from a heartbroken young woman awaken a Dragon Tree, and send him rampaging through a landscape that hasn’t seen a live Dragon in so long almost none remember they truly existed. Almost. Those that do remember rush to save their community, calm the Dragon, make peace with him. But how can they do that when the one thing he wants, the one woman who can soothe his soul, is nowhere to be found?

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