Lies of the Billionaire by Ainsley St Claire


It all started with a little lie. After a busy week at a trade show, my best friend convinces me to use her membership to an exclusive club. I was only going to watch.

He’s the perfect man to forget the one who occupies my dreams but is also my client and boss.
Eyes so dark you can get lost in.
He’s impossibly gorgeous I can’t help but want to touch.
Kisses so hot my toes curl.
Our chemistry is electric, and we did a lot more than watch.
But when his mask came off, I realize he’s the grumpy man I’m here to forget.
With a hasty exit, I think I’m in the clear, but he has other plans.
Lies always have a way of catching up with us.
I should have known he would not let me go that easily.
Suddenly a man from my past is harassing me, and his business is stumbling.
He thinks he knows what’s best for me.
I’m determined to not be a doormat.
Luca Marino is my masked man.
Powerful, magnetic, and very tempting.
Welcome to the world of diamonds and Sinful.
A simple lie got me in this mess, now if only the truth can get me out.

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