Licking the Batte by Tina Gallagher


Everyone thinks love at first sight is a fairy tale, until it happens to them…


I’m a pro baseball player. So, dating was always easy for me. But love? That was another story. With my fortieth birthday approaching, I was starting to think the kind of instalove everyone in my family had lucked into just wasn’t in the cards for me.

Then I saw her.

She caught my heart as easily as she caught my line drive. Was it fate? All I know for sure is I’m now terrified of screwing up the best thing that ever happened to me…


Romance was never a priority for me. My job kept me on the road…until it didn’t. Getting downsized made me realize it was time to set down some roots and follow my dream of opening a bakery. And while I set up shop, being a part-time bat girl for the Carolina Waves seemed like a great idea.

Then I saw him.

Suddenly everything I thought I knew about love went out the window. Could he really be my happily ever after? Or am I about to slide head-first into heartbreak?

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