Leviticus by Elle Sparrow


No one expected to grow up in a cult, but that was exactly what life had in store for Leviticus Temple and his four brothers. But what happens when life throws a sudden curveball and a righteous son of Zion is introduced to a life that the church would consider sinful?

As the eldest Temple brother, Leviticus, or Levi to those close to him, was determined to get himself and his brothers out of the toxic cult atmosphere they were raised in. Only there’s one issue–it had been arranged that he would marry Ruth, the perfect woman in the eyes of the Followers of Zion. She was perfect: submissive, compliant, and caring–everything he wanted. However, not like this.

Ruth had been taught from a young age to bend to the will of her husband. After all, that was the way of a daughter of Zion, and she was nothing if not devoted. But there had always been a doubt in the back of her mind somewhere, wondering if there was something more to it. Was it really just the church’s training that turned her into a submissive wife, or was it something deeper that she had yet to discover herself? She didn’t dare tell her new husband that a part of her actually enjoyed giving him control.

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