Leprechauned by Joely Sue Burkhart


Four hot Irishmen sitting in a leprechaun’s bar…

All staring at me like I’m his pot of gold.

Oh yeah, I’m one lucky woman.

But everything isn’t rainbows and lucky charms with my four Irish treasures. Warwick may have helped me break the curse trapping Doran as the stone gargoyle, but the guys don’t trust the leprechaun. At all.

Worse, demons are pouring into our world unchecked despite the four treasures being reunited. I am their treasurekeeper, the conduit that allows their magic to flow, but there are disturbing holes in my memory.

Someone doesn’t want me to remember…

And these whiskey-drinking, tattoo-loving, motorcycle-riding badasses are quick to leap to the conclusion that I’ve been lepre-conned.

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