Leonora’s Manster by Jessa Joy


An opposites attract, paranormal, steamy Halloween romance featuring the perfect guy who doesn’t believe in magic and the witch he falls in love with…


With a last name like Howl, spooky stuff is in my blood.

But my three aunts tell me to keep my witchy side to myself.

A girls’ weekend away conjuring the Perfect Guy gets my hopes up.

Once I’m back in Snowflake Falls, Victor appears.

He’s huge and handsome, and makes me tingle.

But can I let down my guard and show him the real me?



I’m investigating the magical rumors connected to this cute small town.

It has a reputation as the place where everyone falls in love.

But I’m far more interested in writing my book.

Until I see Leonora and I can’t stop thinking about her.

She’s bewitched me and she’s all I want.

I’m going to make her mine and nothing will stop me.

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