Last Score Series Box Set by K.L. Shandwick


Coming eye to eye with Gibson Barclay while he was b*lls deep in some ‘lucky’ girl was heart stopping.

So what did I do? Run? Nope. I froze!

The guy was every inch a rock star, in our bar at least. Pretty girls fought each other to be next in line for their few hours of fun with the scandalously, shameless, manwhore.

Naturally, he was hot-as-sin to look at, but even if he had only been a six instead of a ten, his s*xy, flirty vibe, and his dirty talking ways would still have gotten him laid.

Not my type of guy at all, I thought. Until years later, when a second chance to meet him made me wonder if there was more to Gibson than the legacy I had once known him for.

When I was dragged into Gibson’s crazy world I was scared, but I had no other choice other than to trust him. He promised to protect me, but how could he keep me safe from the past that still haunted me with his life in the spotlight?

When Gibson’s trust was put to the test how does he react?

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