Last Heartbreak by Amy Olle


Falling in love was easy. Breaking up won’t be so simple.

When Shea and I were still only teenagers, we had our first baby together, months before we’d even gone on our first date. Shea was my first love. My first kiss.

My first…everything.

So when, after eighteen years of marriage, we went our separate ways, my world fell apart. It wasn’t the first time he’d broken my heart, but I’m determined it’ll be the last.

Except Shea isn’t ready to let me go.

Quitting isn’t in his blood. Every day of his life has been a fight—a fight to save his brothers, to put food on their table, to hold on to the tattered shreds of his dignity—and he’s prepared to keep fighting.

For me.

He’s hellbent on saving our marriage, but can we salvage the shattered pieces of what we once were?


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