Lady Amelia Takes a Lover by Sofie Darling


The last thing Lady Amelia Windermere needs is another family scandal. But how can she possibly resist the wild, passionate Duke of Ripon?

Welcome to book 1 in the electrifying new series Windermeres in Love by bestselling and award-winning author Sofie Darling.

A proper English lady…

A little time in beautiful Italy is just what Lady Amelia Windermere and her eccentric family need while their latest scandal dies down. Amelia is hard at work on their triumphant return to London society when she meets Lord Tristan Carteret, Duke of Ripon, a sculptor who is too wild for any proper lady.

Meets a dissolute Duke…

Tristan isn’t eager to let go of la dolce vita that he’s enjoyed in Florence—until he meets Amelia. She may appear to be one more uptight debutante, but he soon realizes that there’s a talented artist and a passionate woman just aching to emerge. If only she can forget what society says and concentrate on what she feels when she’s with him.

And that’s how Lady Amelia Takes a Lover…

Exploring their art leads to Amelia and Tristan exploring much more than stone or canvas. But Amelia knows that indulging her desire for the dissolute Duke comes with a price—more scandal! Tristan refuses to give up on the real Amelia just because of society’s rules, but can he sway her to make him her future?

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