Kissing the Wrong Twin by Christina Herrera


Identical twin brothers attracted to one girl. What could go wrong?

I have a crush on Brennan Lopez.
The only problem is I keep getting him mixed up with his identical twin brother.
Not to mention, the most powerful girl in my high school is out to get me.
Why? Let’s just say we haven’t ever been besties.
And we both like the same guy.
But I’m not going to let her get to me.
I’m going to get Brennan Lopez’s attention if it’s the last thing I do.
Even if it means talking to his identical twin brother until he notices me.

If you like sweet romance, then look no further! This book has lots of crush-worthy moments. It has hand-holding, flirtatious dialogue, and kissing. But you won’t find any swearing, nudity, or sex.

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