Kissing the Quarterback by Jacob Chance


As the quarterback for the Charleston Pirates, the current Super Bowl champs, I lead a blessed life.

Between my salary and endorsements, I have more money than I could ever spend.

But when the sale of my old home doesn’t line up with the closing on my new one, I’m forced to take up residency in a friend’s empty house.

Except, it’s not empty.

Kendra, the woman of my dreams, my best friend’s tempting little sister, is here taking up more space than just the rooms in this house.

She’s in my head and under my skin. The only problem is she’s hell bent on resisting me, and I’m determined to make her surrender.

I didn’t achieve everything I have without hard work and focus, and that’s the way I’ll win Kendra over.

No matter how hard she tries not to, she’ll be kissing this quarterback in no time.

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