Kiss & Tell: an Amaryllis Media Anthology


What could go wrong when the good girl gets stuck with the bad boy? After all, it’s just chemistry…

This limited edition collection takes readers on a whirlwind through new adult college romances where the good girl is stuck with the bad boy and she’s not happy about it, until their chemistry together makes her question everything she thought she knew about him.

This collection will include the authors listed below:

Mandy Melanson, H.M. Shander, C.A. King, Sofia Aves and Dove Priest, Lizzi Stone, Kari Shuey, Kira Cunningham, Amy Stephens, Sienna Grant, Ainsley Jaymes, Corinne M Knight, Lynn Stevens, Sunny Abernathy, TB Mann, Rachel A. Smith, Krista Ames, Danielle Jacks, Zepphora, Maci Dillon, Lissa Lynn Thomas, Jennifer Sucevic, LJC Fynn & Hope Sherrill, Leanne Davis, Kaye Kennedy, Lexi Noir, Rhylie Matthews and Eliza Matthews, Helena Novak, Kay Blake, Zoey Drake, Lorelei Reese, Jade Bay, Michele Mannon, Tara September,  A.L. Morrow, A.D. Brazeau, Amanda Shelley, Karen Stivali, CL Collier, & Leann Castellanos.

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