Kiss of the Swan by Natalina Reis


Once upon a time there was a captive queen who fell in love with a tormented hero.

When Cathal follows his cruel brother into the sacred and forbidden Swan Island, he walks straight into the hands of the King’s swans and the heart of their beautiful queen.

Eala lives in a gilded cage, a puppet controlled by the king of Nem. She wants nothing else but to be free from the king’s clutches and to live happily ever after in Cathal’s arms.

While Cathal is determined to break Eala out of her cage even if he dies trying, Eala is driven by the desire to protect him and her people at all costs.

Destiny, however, has other plans.

Secrets, long hidden and forgotten, resurface as Eala and Cathal realize nothing is what it seems except their love for each other.

Will Cathal be able to free his queen without dooming himself and her people to a life of pain and misery?

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