Kiss My Tinsel by Melissa Schroeder


I have a confession to make: I have hated all things tinsel-related for years.

Yeah, I know, most people have a right to hate things, but I don’t. I’m Nick Kristoff, CEO of the biggest department store chain that specializes in the holidays. Hating a holiday I plan to promote all year long is kind of like living in hell.

But that all changed the moment a bundle of sparkly energy hits me. And by hits me, I mean she rams into me, knocks me over, then lands on top of me. In that one moment, my life changed.

The second I look into her hazel eyes, I know she’s the woman for me.
But first, I have to convince the Christmas-loving woman to give me a chance, even if that means letting my hang-ups about the holiday go. I am up for that challenge.

Because this Christmas, the only thing I’m asking Santa for is the sweet sugarplum who knocked me off my feet.

Author Warning: This books includes elves(duh), jingle bells(another duh), a sweet woman who falls for the grump, a little light stalking, and a man so head over heels for a woman who is his complete opposite it will make you melt. Hot chocolate and cookies recommended while reading.

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