Just This Once by Margaret Watson


The Russian Mob’s the least of her worries… She’s got real enemies.

Stopped by a cop with no badge and no name tag, Evanston lawyer Sierra’s definitely not getting out of her car—she dials 911 instead. Her police rescuer chases away the fake cop, but somehow completely misses the man in Sierra’s shrubbery, listening to her calls on a high-tech microphone.

That’s because ex-CIA agent Cody’s very very good at his job. And he has to wonder… who’s this “Jack” Sierra’s calling? Why did she need to check on her parents? He hasn’t been briefed about any relatives at all.

Time to break the news that, due to spillover danger from the Russian mob involving her law partner, she’s been assigned a bodyguard. And he’s it.

But imagine his surprise at her reaction– she seems relieved rather than horrified the threat’s coming from the mob. And other things don’t add up. She’s obviously no stranger to close protection— knows the right moves, knows how to stay aware, and strangest of all, has a go-bag packed and ready. He’s never met such a self-contained, composed, attractive, downright puzzling woman. And he can’t resist a puzzle—or Sierra. A definite no-no in his job.

He doesn’t know it, but she’s having trouble resisting him as well.

Their remote farm, it turns out, isn’t quite remote enough. When intruders arrive—quickly vanquished by Cody—the two find themselves alone, adrenaline flowing, in the locked safe room of the house. Defying the rules, Sierra reasons that, because they’re in a safe room, it’s okay for him to let down his guard.

Just this once.

If they live through this, they’ll go back to their own lives and no harm will be done. If they don’t, they’ll die with no regrets. Cody thinks it’s not a bad argument.

What can go wrong?

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