Just My Enemy by Chloe Jane


Daniel Whitmore—my sworn enemy since freshman year at Grand U.

He’s uptight, argumentative, and massively irritating.

He’s also my partner on a key project this semester, and as much as I hate him… I’m also annoyingly into him.

Sure, he sits in class on his high horse wearing button-down shirts and slacks, acting like he’s better than me.

But that doesn’t stop me from wondering what it would be like to rip them off him.

And if he thinks I don’t notice the way his eyes linger in all the right places when he looks at me, he’s dead wrong.

Either way, lusting after Danny is a huge mistake.

We’re both single parents and the stakes are high, so we need to crush this assignment. We have to find a way to cooperate, and that means ignoring the heat building between us.

I don’t care if he’s surprisingly charming and an adorable dad.

He’s my enemy. That’s not changing.

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