Just Desserts by C.L. Cruz


She’s a classy bakery owner waiting for her perfect match. He’s a blue-collar carpenter who doesn’t wait for anything. Can they look past their differences to find love?

After a nasty divorce, I’m determined to save myself for the perfect man.
Unfortunately, none of the men I’ve met can measure up to my ideal.
But when I hire a carpenter to do some work in my bakery, I start to see things differently.
Reece Murphy is a blue-collar working man—not at all what I thought I wanted.
He’s strong and sexy with a big beard and even bigger muscles.
Can I look past his rough exterior and see the good man beneath before it’s too late?

As a carpenter, it’s my job to build things.
The only thing I’ve given up on building is a relationship with a woman.
That’s why my work is where I put my heart.
When I’m contracted by a local baker, it seems simple enough.
But Cleo Boulanger is anything but simple.
She’s curvy, classy, and makes me want to taste her croissants.
Before the job is done, I’m determined to have my cake and eat it, too.

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