Just a Proposal by London Casey


Olivia: Culture shock. It’s a thing. The small-town diner I work at might as well be a fish bowl, and I’m the lone, exotic beta everyone’s staring at. Probably running a Tyler-and-Olivia pool for “are they or aren’t they”, “will they or won’t they”. And you know what? I want in. Because who drops a “we’re engaged” bomb right in the middle of the shaky ground between us? Tyler does. My city-bred head tells me he’s gotta be bluffing, that it’s all about getting his ex off his back. My heart says something different. Besides, I made a promise to his little girl, Lucy, and if he makes me break it, I’ll break his nose.

Tyler: It’s bad when I’m wondering if the turkey club from the diner is just a turkey club, or pity food from Olivia. I didn’t mean for Lucy to overhear my joking declaration. Half joking. Hell, not joking at all. I freely admit it was made in desperation. But if this fake engagement thing can break the ice between us, it’ll be worth every burned pancake Lucy had to endure to make Olivia a permanent part of our lives.

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