Jingle Spells by Penelope Wylde


Are you ready for a smutty holiday escape? Okay then! Let’s heat up your Christmas!

Jingle spells is two filthy stories. Two sexy wishes. Two naughty happily-ever-afters.


Why should angels have all the fun?

Two best friends stumble into my bookstore on Christmas Eve sharing all the details about naughty wishes I know no goody-two-shoes angel will grant. How do I know? I’ve had the hots for one who has a hard time breaking the rules for a little kinky fun with the witch next door—me. But that’s another story for another time.

Right now, we’re talking about the kidnapped bride and the nanny in need of a little magical help. Two wishes, two happily-ever-afters—if I can pull it off in time.

It’s Christmas Eve. Shouldn’t a little magic be expected?

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