Interstellar Series Box Set Books 1-3 by Strawberry Chase


Aliens meet Cowboys in this 1950s Retro Sci-Fi steamy Alien Contact romance series! 3 books in one!
When these strange men enter their lives, each young woman must decide — will she stay in her present, boring life, or is the excitement and desire worth the risk?

The Heart of Area 51: I’ve never seen more than my boring life as a waitress in Nevada. When a handsome alien rancher offers to show me the universe, can I follow my heart?
Tom might try to keep his desire for me hidden, but he begins to reveal who he really is. The last thing I expect is a shimmering alien whose job is keeping an eye on Area 51 a few miles away. When the police turn the mysterious dead man case over to the government officials at Area 51, I realize Tom may have more secrets. We share a fiery, earth-shattering love, but is it enough? Do I turn him over to the government? Or should I follow her heart and take the chance at a new, exciting life with this rancher? Cinderella meets aliens in this retro sci-fi romance!

The Mysteries of Catalina:  All I want out of life is everything. He’s a slippery, mysterious stranger who stole into my bedroom one night. Can I leave everything I know behind to follow my heart and this alien warrior? I love how this sleek, underwater alien makes me feel. This stranger from another world, hiding under the bay off Avalon, shows me a new and passionate way of living. Grffn has never met another, either of his race or mine, who had such a reaction on him. I must be his mate.But when the moment comes to decide if I will stay in my pre-determined middle-class life or leave with this darkly exciting creature, how can I choose? Little mermaid meets Aliens in this retro sci-fi alien romance!

The Visitors on the Ranch: My parents expect me to marry the well-to-do rancher’s son. I can hardly tell them, or anyone else, that the strange ranch hand is the one who makes my insides melt. I don’t care that under his cowboy hat and shirt beats the heart of a ravaging blue alien.
Beauty and the Beast meets Aliens on the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in this retro sci-fi alien romance!

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