Interrupted Dreams by Silas Caste


Obsession. Deceit. Betrayal.

Three words that Justin never thought he would use when talking about his marriage.

Meeting Angie was like a dream. She was an effervescent single mom to a beautiful 7-year-old daughter who, despite her innocence, was borne from a sordid encounter that left Angie to tend to her wounds alone at only 17 years old — isolated and with no hope of ever healing.

Yet, she persisted.

And the Angie that Justin met that fine day was one he fervently wanted to marry and build a family with. But, as with anything in life, nothing is ever what it seems.

Inside Angie hides a sinister presence just itching to come out. And her muddled past still reeks of a secret that is only biding his time.

When one is in the throes of love and romance, it’s easy to be blind to the red flags. Love has a way of making ugly things look rosy, after all.

Justin is finding out the hard way that the woman he loves might just become the means to his end.

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