Indulgence by Alexx Andria


Shannon Garrity never does reckless or spontaneous — except for that one time she went home with the hottest guy in the club for no-names, no-holds-barred, change-your-religion sex that left her aching, sore, and deliciously sated the next morning. However, six weeks later she realized that night with the hot guy with the beautiful eyes and dirty mind had created unexpected consequences. Suddenly a single mom, Shannon has no intentions of telling Nolan he’d fathered her child but fate has different plans.

Nolan Buchanan, one of the infamous billionarie Buchanan twins, finds himself in a shocking position when he meets sports trainer Shannon Garrity. Unlike most women in his world, all Shannon wants from him is one night of no-strings-attached horizontal mambo. He’s game — she’s hot and he’s always down for a little action — but when she sticks to her word and leaves him in the bed, he’s more than a little disappointed. Worse? He doesn’t even know her name. More than a little disturbed that he wanted more, he tries to forget about the sexy girl who happily left him behind.

Everything changes when he discovers that night created the newest Buchanan — and he’s not leaving without his baby…and his baby mama.

But can Nolan put aside his wild bachelor life for a family of his own? Can Shannon trust that beneath that sexy bad boy billionaire veneer is a good guy just waiting for an equally good woman?

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