In Love With Her Millionaire Foe by Aarti V Raman


Jamie Curran Smith is back in London. And on a mission of revenge.

On his agenda? Destroy the Everton family, the way they tried to destroy him when he was a penniless, orphan teenager.

And he’s willing to use any means necessary to do it.

Even the woman who’d once loved him.

Aaliya Singhania’s company is in the middle of a hostile takeover.

Her CEO fiancé, Patrick Everton, cares more about the business than her.

And the man’s she’s never stopped loving is back in her life!

With millions at stake, can Aaliya really trust Jaime? Or has he become her foe?

Is saving Aaliya more important to Jamie or will he take his vendetta too far by aligning himself with their sworn enemy?

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