In His Arms for Christmas by Bonnie Grace


He’s perfect. Too bad he’s her boss.

It’s Christmas time and Heather Morris should be excited about her upcoming trip to Florida to see her family, but her former boyfriend might as well be the Grinch. He borrowed her car, leaving her stranded with his clunker, and now says he can’t pay back the money she loaned him. Her boss Evan keeps stepping in to help, showing that there are still some good guys left. Shame he’s her boss and strictly off limits.

Evan Lancaster knows it’s a serious risk to even be thinking about dating an employee, but Heather’s caring nature and sweet demeanor has always made the shy CPA want to take that risk. When a burst water pipe leaves Heather homeless right before the holidays, Evan steps in offering her a guest bedroom in his house.

In the days leading up to Christmas, Evan needs to convince Heather that despite his quiet and serious exterior, he’s the man she’s been waiting for.

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