In Her Eyes by Erica Alexander


Three missing women. Two shared fates. One epic love story.

He saved my life, then disappeared.
For fifteen years, I thought of the man I knew nothing about… not even his name.
I never could have imagined I’d run into him again.
His name is Jake Knox, and he’s a jaded police detective, more devastatingly handsome than I remember.

I’m a suspect in his investigation.
And he doesn’t recognize me.
I can’t bear to confess who I am.
Not when he looks at me with so much anger and disdain.

To prove my innocence, I have to reveal my deepest secret.
He despises me for it.
But not even that can keep the growing attraction between us at bay.

Now he’s locked in a battle with himself.
He needs my help to solve a murder, but he doesn’t trust me.

Finding the killer is his fate, not mine.
If I do this, I risk becoming the next victim.
But how can I say no when I’m his only hope?

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